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Dar Al Fouad Hospital
Opening Times & Conduct

General Visiting Hours for 6 October/Nasr city Branch

Saturday-Friday: 12pm - 10pm

Intensive Care (ICU) Visiting Hours (6 October)

Saturday-Friday: 5pm - 6pm

Intensive Care (ICU) Visiting Hours (Nasr city)

Saturday-Friday: 4pm - 5pm

Visitor Card

Visitors should obtain a Visitor Card from security on the first or second floors.
Visitor Cards should be returned to security at the end of the visit.


Children must be at least 13 years of age to visit patients or to be on first and second floors.
There is a playroom dedicated to children on the ground floor.


Food cannot be brought from outside sources to the patients or companions.

Precious Items

It is prohibited to keep any precious items (e.g., jewelry, large amount of money) inside the patient’s room. The hospital cannot be held responsible if any of these items are lost, stolen or damaged.
Patients and companions are advised to hand in such items to security department until the patient is discharged.

ICU Visitor: Special Instructions

Visitors must wear shoe covers provided by the hospital when entering the ICU.
Visitors must wash their hands before and after visiting ICU patients.

Other Instructions

The companion should leave the patient room if the patient is transferred to the ICU.
On the discharge day, patient should vacate their room before 12pm; otherwise, an additional day will be added to the patient’s bill.
Discharge reports will be sent to patients by mail within a week of discharge.
Giving tips to staff is forbidden according to hospital policy.

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