Dar Al Fouad Hospital
Dar Al Fouad Hospital
Hotel facilities

The luxury Novotel Hotel is connected to the hospital (managed by the French Accor Group), offering attractive rooms and elegant suites for patients & patients companions who require to be close to the hospital. The hotel also offers attractive SPA services for the rehabilitation of patients after major surgeries and 24 hours room services. Hotel guests may enjoy the delicious international cuisine in the exquisite hotel restaurant while listening to live music in the comfortable hotel bar. All hotel facilities are furnished with central air conditioning.

Visit here the official Novotel site.

Enjoying the facilities - relatives & inpatients

If you are a relative of a patient, the hospital, upon your request, provides you with an official letter with the Dar Al Fouad Hospital logo, so you may receive a special rate from the hotel for your stay.

Moreover, if the hospital suggested that the inpatient can spend the night at the hotel if he is going to make a surgery the next day, the booking may be arranged from within the hospital, and our representative could make the necessary arrangements.

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