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Patient Rights

Dar Al Fouad Hospital (DAFH) is committed to provide you respectful care to meet your health care needs. For this reason we want you to have a summary of your rights as a patient.

The right to obtain & understand these rights & to receive the needed help to understand these rights including translation .
Receive treatment without discrimination in: race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability and source of payment..
Receive compassionate, culturally sensitive and respectful care in a clean, safe and friendly environment free of unnecessary restraint.
Receive emergency care when needed.
To be cared for by fully qualified and competent staff.
To be informed of the name and position of the healthcare team who are in charge of his / her care in the hospital.
To be seen by Consultant within 24 hours of admission and to be reassessed by consultant according to the patient condition.
To be fully informed of his/her diagnosis, Treatment plan, possible significant complications, side effects and required follow-up treatment.
Participates in the development and implementation of the plan of care.
Receive all necessary information to obtain an informed consent for any proposed procedures or treatment: This information shall include: possible risks, benefits and alternatives treatment.
Refuse treatment and discharge Against Medical Advise after informing him /her about the consequences of this decision.
Maintain the privacy and confidentiality regarding medical and social information.
Have appropriate assessment and management of pain.
Express complain about the medical or the non medical services to the designated hospital staff and receiving a feedback of his/her complaint.
See medical record within the limits of the law.
Receive an explanation of all items on your bill.
Protect the patient valuables from theft.
Search for symptoms and signs of abuse and neglect upon visiting the hospital.

Patient Responsibilities

This is a summary of your responsibilities as a patient at DAFH:

To provide accurate and complete information about: Present complaint, past medical history, Medications used and other matter related to health.
To follow the recommended treatment plan.
To sign the informed consent for (surgery, medical, procedures, refusal of treatment, discharge against medical advice and other forms requested by the hospital).
It’s not allowed to bring or take any home medication brought by the patient.
Respect and consider the rights of others: patients, visitors and healthcare staff.
Comply with the instruction and regulation of the hospital.
Respect hospital property at all times.
Pay bills and make the necessary arrangements to meet of financial obligations.
For outpatients: To be committed with the scheduled appointment or to cancel it in advance.
No smoking inside the hospital.

We do not have a tipping policy here but we are working on a way to help you complement the staff.

In case of any complaint please call extension/s 4016, 4330
or proceed to the customer service office.

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