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Dar Al Fouad Hospital
Obstetrics & Gynaecology

The Obstetric and Gynaecology Department started in 1999 with 6 consultants (all from Cairo University) and 5 registrars to reach today to over 11 consultants. All these members share the same idea of how to give the best service for females to provide better and easier life conditions throughout their adolescence, child-bearing and menopausal periods.

Services provided by the department in Dar Al Fouad Hospital are:

Obstetric Unit

Premarital counseling for couples including genetics
Detection of pregnancy and follow up (antenatal care) and management
Detection of high risk pregnancies
Detection of congenital malformations in-utero and management accordingly
Providing delivery with the safest measures including availability of ICU and blood bank
Providing delivery with the least intra and postpartum pain
Providing the best method of contraception for couples

Infertility Unit

Providing infertile couples with all the needed investigations and procedures to reach the cause of infertility then preparing them for IVF services

Urogynaecology Unit

Diagnosis of causes of urinary incontinence in females
Providing all types of surgeries for stress incontinence including the new minimally invasive techniques (T.V.T and T.O.T)

General Gynaecology Unit

Including diagnosis and management of prolapse, RVF and fistulae

Oncology Unit

Screening of tumors and preinvasive lesions
Regular check-up for at high risk members
Curative therapy for gynaecological tumors
Adjuvant therapy for gynaecological oncology
Palliative and rehabilitative treatment

Endoscopy Unit

Provides all types of laparoscopic and hysterescopic interventions for diagnosis and management

Menopausal Health Unit

For all problems during menopause

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