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Dar Al Fouad Hospital
Internal Medicine

The cornerstone of Dar Al-Fouad Hospital (DAFH) is the Internal Medicine Department. It is the main driving force behind multi-treatment plans and helps other departments formulate one overall management plan for patients. The more complex the case the more involved this department must become.

For example, over one-third of all inpatients at DAFH have diabetes. The Internal Medicine manages the preoperative and post-procedural care for this high percentage of patients. This is a very visible role. All other departments refer to this department in order to treat additional diabetic symptoms.

Other disciplines which the department covers:
Metabolic Disorders
In-hospital nutritional support
Clinical immunology
Clinical hematology

It is involved in the preoperative care of virtually any patient who must undergo a procedure for a medical condition, whether major or minor.

We also provide outpatient services. Often when a patient has a number of ailments, the internist is the one specialist most apt to be in charge of the recovery plan.

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