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Did you know that the largest organ you have is actually your skin? The Dermatology Department at Dar El-Fouad Hospital understands how important your skin is to you. Often, new patients come to see us after struggling alone trying to handle their skin concerns. At Dar El-Fouad Hospital, we have experts who can review your medical history, assess your condition and prescribe treatment based on the latest research.

We treat cosmetic issues such as unsightly scars or aging skin. We also handle diseases of the skin, hair and mucus membrane. Some skin problems are actually life threatening. Consultants of dermatology perform at Dar El-Fouad Hospital histopathological examinations under a microscope, and then the cases are treated accordingly. Working together between the inpatient department and the different medical specialties, we are able to save lives.

Our outpatient dermatology clinic at Dar El-Fouad Hospital has seen a marked increase of new patients as word spreads of all our success stories.

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